BAK Food Equipment Offers Range of Nowicki Cutters

by | Aug 23, 2023

BAK Food Equipment offers a range of cutters/choppers for the food processing industry in North America. The portfolio includes a range of sizes and options, ensuring there’s a solution for small and large processing operations alike.

All cutter/chopper solutions from BAK Food Equipment feature a smooth, stainless-steel construction that meets the highest hygienic requirements, ensures easy operation and cleaning, and offers long machine life. Most units also feature an advanced control system, giving operators full command over cutting and mixing rotations with 40 preprogrammed routines. Control software also monitors machine operations, conducts diagnostic routines, and sounds signals to communicate the machine’s state to operators.

Nowicki industrial bowl cutters are available with four capacities — 200, 330, 550, and 750 liters. These industrial bowl cutters are designed to process a variety of meat products — including crumbles and fine-grain fat emulsions — even from raw skins. The KN-200, KN-330, KN-550, and KN-750 also feature a hydraulically operated noise-controlling cover, hydraulic loading and unloading, a complete safety system with emergency stops for both the bowl drive and the cutterhead drive, and a cutting knife configuration that cuts in the air for consistent crumbling throughout the bowl volume.

The KN-200V, KN-330V, KN-550V, and KN-750V add vacuum functionality to maximize product quality with exceptional protein digestion and meat binding, along with reduced oxidation for longer shelf life and colour retention. Additionally, the increased content density achieved under vacuum conditions allows the cutterhead to create especially fine crumbles of 40% to 90%. Emulsions are also more homogeneous and stable, with minimal foaming for a firmer and more flavorful product.

The industrial vacuum bowl cutters can also be specified with a cooking option to produce both raw and steamed meat emulsions and meat stuffing products. The cooking feature employs a double-bowl heating system with bowl jacket heating and steam injection into the knife chamber. With the cooking option, industrial vacuum cutters are equipped with a precise temperature-control system to support an extended range of food-processing applications.

Small operations can benefit from KN-60, KN-90, and KN-125 small processing operation cutters, which feature bowl capacities of 60, 90, and 125 liters respectively. These cutter/choppers let small meat plants and catering operations produce a variety of meat stuffing products and emulsions, including crumbles and fine-grain fat emulsions. The small-operation solutions feature noise-reducing covers, hydraulic loading and unloading systems, and complete safety systems.

BAK Food Equipment also offers food micro-cutters. The KR-15, KR-45, and KR-90 are compact stainless-steel machines designed to finely cut and emulsify raw materials for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing. With double cutting heads and knife speeds as fast as 3,000 rpm, the micro-cutters excel at emulsifying sausages, baby foods, sauces, and cream-like products while minimizing temperature increases.

“Whether your operation produces dozens or thousands of sausages a day, we have the bowl cutter/chopper for you,” says John Bobak, founder and CEO of BAK Food Equipment. “Our choppers offer the ease of use, functionalities, and control that will allow you to produce your best products.”

Nowicki cutters/choppers are available from BAK Food Equipment with a range of customizations for use in a variety of applications.

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