The annual Automation UK returns to the CBS Arena in Coventry on 18-19 June. Last year was the inaugural Automation UK and it proved to be a massive success with over a thousand visitors eager to find out more about the benefits of automation and robotics for their businesses. It is anticipated that in June the event will be buzzing again with visitors keen to see the latest solutions from an even greater number of leading businesses showcasing their innovative products and services.

Automation UK’s primary objective is to emphasise the importance of automation and robotics to the growth of the UK economy. The event aims to motivate and encourage businesses to invest in these technologies by highlighting the advantages they can bring.

Automation and robotics can streamline processes which often results in significant financial benefits for businesses. These solutions have already been integrated into many manufacturing businesses due to the wide range of benefits they provide, such as automation and robotics performing repetitive and manual tasks, which will deliver an increase in productivity levels. In addition, these solutions can deliver a safer working environment and go some way to solving labour and skills shortages.

Integrating automation and robotics is an attractive option to many businesses and last year Automation UK attracted visitors from a wide cross section of industries such as manufacturing, retail/consumer, automotive, electronics, engineering, aerospace, maritime, food, drink, logistics, transport, gas and nuclear.

Automation UK provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to see the latest industrial products and services from a remarkable range of well-known brands keen to impress visitors with their innovative technologies. Some of the founding exhibitors include ABB, Fanuc UK, Festo, Piab, KUKA Robotics UK, Schubert UK, and RARUK Automation.

For visitors there will also be live demonstrations and product launches so they experience all these solutions with their own eyes. Exploring all these captivating products and services provides a chance to speak to knowledgeable exhibitors about suitable solutions and recommendations.

There will be a broad range of content rich seminars delivered by knowledgeable industry experts.  Visitors can learn about valuable industry trends and gain insights into what to watch out for in the future.

The Automaton UK event will provide an abundance of brilliant networking opportunities with industry experts and peers which provides a platform to develop fresh business relationships.

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