Ahead of automatica, MVPro Media’s Matt Williams spoke to Neurocle’s Marketing Manager Sooyeon Choo. Neurocle is a South Korean company which specialises in deep learning technology, applying deep learning to the field of computer vision by researching and developing software that can interpret images and videos. 

Sooyeon discusses the range of products that Neurocle will be presenting at Automatica, and explains which industries benefit most from their solutions.  

Sooyeon Cho - Neurocle

Sooyeon Cho – Neurocle


MW: Which solutions will you be presenting at Automatica? 

SC: We will be presenting our deep learning model trainer & runtime APINeuro-T, Neuro-X, and Neuro-R. 

Starting with Neuro-T, which is a deep learning model trainer for industrial engineers who have little understanding of coding and deep learning. It is a no-code platform with very friendly GUI-based, so even nonexperts can build deep learning models easily with few click & drags. 

Neuro-X is a deep learning model trainer for deep learning experts. It offers an array of adjustable hyperparameters to optimise the performance of models. 

Neuro-R is a runtime API that allows users to infer models created in Neuro-T and Neuro-X real-time. With this software, users can deploy the deep learning model to machine vision system. 

At the booth, we will present various types of demos and will demonstrate how our AI deep learning-based solutions can be utilised at the manufacturing site where the vision inspection is implemented. 


MW: Which industries are these products most commonly used in? 

SC: The industry of our customers varies from rechargeable batteries, automotive, semiconductor & display to electronics and food & beverage. These are the industries that require advanced quality inspection. 

Recently, there has been a surge of inquiries from manufacturers of rechargeable batteries regarding the adoption of Neurocle’s AI-based solutions to their site. 

It is because the rechargeable battery is a rapidly growing market with the global trend of eco-friendly and carbon neutrality. Since rechargeable batteries are directly related to human survival, precise and rapid quality inspection is essential in the manufacturing process and improving the quality is key to the competitiveness of the company. 

The use case includes Coated Electrode Sheet Defect Inspection, Cap Welding Inspection, Anode/Cathode alignment inspection, and Body Surface Inspection of Cylindrical & Pouch Batteries. Neurocles solution guarantees high inspection accuracy when detecting various scratches, foreign substances, dirt, contamination, pinholes, etc. 

MW: Where can we find you at the event? 

SC: You can find us in Hall B5, Stand 210 in the Machine Vision Pavillion. 


We at MVPro Media would like to thank Sooyeon for speaking with us about Neurocle’s presence at Automatica. You can read this interview, and plenty more, in ‘Showcase’, our special print and digital issue of MVPro Magazine.

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