Automate 2024: Photoneo Answers Customers’ Needs with Updated Bin Picking Studio

by | May 14, 2024

Photoneo Bin Picking Studio at Automate 2024

With Automate 2024 now in the books, let’s take another look back at an immensely successful event, which hosted over 800 exhibitors and 35,000 visitors last week.

While at the show, we were fortunate enough to visit the Photoneo booth, where Kurt Haeusler, CEO of Sensors & Automation at Photoneo, talked us through the updated 1.9 version of their Bin Picking Studio.

The solution boasts multi-view localisation, allowing users to view objects from multiple angles using multiple cameras, or a handheld camera which can emulate an infinite number of cameras using the MotionCam.

Kurt Hauscher explains the benefits of this:

“This allows us to deal with tricky situations in bins where parts are stood upright or at different angles. We create a complete point cloud which gives us all the information we need.”

On top of this, the Bin Picking Studio can now emphasise distinguishing features on almost symmetrical parts, to avoid flipped orientation. This is extremely important for the precise placing of parts, which is Photoneo’s main application in the industry. The automotive sector benefits greatly from this service, due to the high number of U-shaped objects.

The version on display is an updated version of their legacy product, which was first introduced to the market in 2016. Photoneo regularly improves the solution based on customer feedback, to tackle any issues clients may have with the software.

Kurt confirmed that his European colleagues within Photoneo will be in attendance at VISION in Stuttgart.

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