MVPro Media’s Matt Williams spoke to Georgy Das from MidOpt (Midwest Optical Systems). Das explained Midopt’s role in the machine vision industry and discussed their exciting plans for 2023, including the opening of a new office.

MW: Could you start by telling us a little about yourself and your role within MidOpt®?

GD: I’m the director of Systems and Training at Midwest Optical Systems. MidOpt is the premier manufacturer of machine vision filters and custom optics and has been for over 30 years.

We’re located right outside Chicago, Illinois, and my role really is kind of twofold. I help with both operations from a systems perspective and also help to train our customers and partners on our filters and products so they know how to best use them.

MW: As for MidOpt® itself, which industries does the company specialise in?

GD: We’re focused on machine vision, but our solutions can be used in pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, as well as ID technology, barcodes, and any time a camera is being used or there’s a lens involved. Typically, a filter placed over the lens helps to make sure that the image is clear and crisp, and that the data can be read clearly.

MW: What new product releases are MidOpt® most excited about this year?

GD: We just released the FK201, the latest addition to our line of filter kits. Filter kits have been an amazing resource because they allow you to test the effect of monochromatic illumination on the go. It enables you to test before you invest in expensive lighting equipment and additional filters. And with the FK201, we’ve redesigned the whole packaging and the included filters.

We’ve added storage for additional filters you already own and space for microfibre cleaning cloths, cleaning sprays, and some additional data about the filters included with the kit. It’s brand new, it’s very customisable, and we’re very excited about it.

MW: MidOpt® is a leader in both machine vision grade optical filters and custom protective solutions for camera systems. What would you say sets MidOpt apart with these capabilities?

GD: Protective windows are something that are being increasingly utilised in machine vision systems. Sometimes these smaller embedded systems are used in a lot of different challenging environments where some kind of debris, like dirt, liquid or oils, is present, and a protective window is a great way to kind of protect your expensive camera and lens from that challenging environment.

Additionally, we make these windows more robust by adding coatings to the surface of the glass or the plastic window that prevent liquids, greases, oils, from adhering to the surface. These systems are used in agriculture, farming, automotive, or even aerial applications with small drones.

There are liquids, condensation, and debris in all these and more. You want to protect as many of your components as possible. And we offer these robust windows in different shapes and sizes.

Customisability is one thing that sets us apart, along with the coatings that we offer. And sometimes customers want certain elements printed on the window itself, which we can do with screen printing options. And I believe those are the things that really set us (MidOpt) apart with our offerings.

MW: Are there any additional capabilities that MidOpt® offers?

GD: One of the things that we’ve learned over the last few years, especially with the supply chain, is, how much of the production that we need to bring in-house. We’ve really increased the types and the amount of equipment that we have.

And so we’re increasing our ability to manufacture pretty much our entire product line. But it also gives us new capabilities like creating smaller diameters, smaller parts and other capabilities that help us control the production from end to end.

MW: What else would you like our readers to know about MidOpt® this year?

GD: We’re really proud to be expanding and increasing our production line, so we’re going to be opening a new office in Wisconsin.

We’re in the midst of equipping that office and hiring right now, which we’re very excited about. It will help us increase our production and meet the growing demand we’re seeing throughout machine vision.

MW: Would you say there are any plans going forward to expand with further offices elsewhere?

GD: We always want to be able to meet our demand for production. And so it’s always something that we’re considering. But we’re going to see how this first foray goes with the additional office in Wisconsin and look to grow from there.

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