Ambarella’s Latest 5nm AI SoC Family Runs Vision-Language Models and AI-based image Processing with the Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption

by | Apr 24, 2024

Ambarella Macnica

Ambarella Inc has announced during the ISC West security expo, the continued expansion of its AI system-on-chip (SoC) portfolio with the 5nm CV75S family.

These new SoCs provide the industry’s most power- and cost-efficient option for running the latest multi-modal vision-language models (VLMs) and vision-transformer networks. This efficiency makes these cutting-edge AI technologies feasible for a broad range of cost- and power-constrained devices within security cameras for enterprises, smart cities and retail; industrial robotics and access control; and a host of AI-enabled consumer video devices, such as sports and conferencing cameras.

“With the CV75S family, we are enabling mass-market product designers with the ability to integrate the latest vision-transformer technologies, including VLMs that allow zero-shot image classification and multi-modal inferencing for real-time visual analytics without the need for training,” said Chris Day, VP of marketing and business development at Ambarella. “We’re also bringing our advanced AI-based image processing technology to cameras with a wide range of price points, offering significantly greater image quality for a broad spectrum of applications.”

A typical example of how the CV75S will be used to run VLMs in enterprise cameras is a natural-language search that is processed within the camera to look for any object or scene among the content it has captured. A multi-modal VLM, such as the contrastive language–image pre-training (CLIP) model, can scour the footage and provide instantaneous results without being trained on that specific object or context. This opens a whole new range of AI capabilities for enterprise cameras, which can now run AI tasks tailored to their installa-tion and user needs without retraining and deploying new AI models for each task.

This is Ambarella’s first mass-market SoC family to integrate its latest CVflow® 3.0 AI engine, which provides 3x the performance over the prior generation with support for VLMs and vision transformers, as well as advanced AI-based image processing. Addi-tionally, the CV75S integrates the latest generation of Ambarella’s industry-leading im-age signal processor, 4KP30 H.264/5 video encoding, dual Arm® Cortex-A76 1.6GHz cores and USB 3.2 connectivity.

To accelerate time to market, the CV75S family is supported by Ambarella’s Cooper™ Developer Platform. This recently introduced platform provides comprehensive hard-ware and software solutions for creating edge AI systems, including powerful, safe and secure compute and software capabilities. It consists of industrial-grade hardware tools, collectively called Cooper Metal; along with Cooper Foundry, which provides a multi-layer software stack that supports Ambarella’s entire portfolio of AI SoCs. Learn more at

The CV75S is sampling now, and will be demonstrated at Ambarella’s invitation-only exhibition at ISC West in Las Vegas this week. For more information or to schedule a demo during the show, please contact your Ambarella representative.

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