Italian machine vision camera manufacturer Alkeria has announced a new addition to the CELERA and CELERA One camera series.

CELERA, the world’s first camera to use the dual-USB3 technology, and CELERA One cameras will now be available with 9 megapixels resolution, featuring Sony Pregius® IMX 255 and IMX 267 sensors. The adoption of these two new sensors allowed Alkeria to create four different camera models, each with distinct specifications, thus creating a complete range of cameras suitable for every imaging application.

Based on the CELERA well-proven platform, these new models are specifically designed for industrial imaging application that requires high-resolution performances together with high-speed data transfer.

CELERA shows now two new models: C9SX-M and C9SX-C equipped with IMX255 sensor. The sensor comes with a resolution of 4112 x 2176 pixels, available in both monochrome and color modes. They can reach up to 85 fps in RAW mode at maximum resolution with 8, 10, or 12-bit Analog/Digital conversion.

CELERA One features two new models, CO9S-M and CO9S-C, equipped with SONY Pregius® IMX 267 sensor: with both monochrome or colour modes available, they are capable of an acquisition rate of up to 32 fps. These cameras share the same specs as CELERA models, with the only differences in sensor speed and USB3 connectivity.

Users will benefit from a new high-resolution sensor together with all the CELERA features already available, such as Advanced Sequencer technology, Versatile I/O, Advanced Triggering system, and Programmable LUTs, in a compact and rugged body shell.

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