ace 2 V: Basler Presents CoaXPress 2.0 Camera in a Small Design

by | Jun 27, 2024

Basler ace 2 V

The Basler ace 2 V expands the portfolio of the well-known ace 2 camera series with single-channel CoaXPress 2.0 cameras in a small 29 mm x 29 mm design. Equipped with seven sensors from Sony’s Pregius S series, each available in monochrome and color, the new models cover a wide range of resolutions from 5 MP to 24 MP and deliver frame rates of up to 212 fps.

With the new ace 2 V models, Basler AG presents compact cameras with the CoaXPress 2.0 interface. The international manufacturer of high-quality machine vision hardware and software also offers all the components necessary for a complete, cost-effective CXP vision system.

The powerful CoaXPress 2.0 interface also allows a high bandwidth of 12.5 Gbps. The new cameras are integrated into Basler’s extensive CoaXPress 2.0 portfolio, allowing customers to select coordinated hardware and software components from a single source.

Sensors and interface for high performance

The ace 2 V cameras deliver outstanding image quality thanks to Sony’s Pregius S sensors and an extensive firmware feature set. For example, images of moving objects are free from motion artifacts and the excellent light sensitivity of the sensors results in high image quality even in low-light applications.

With the CoaXPress 2.0 interface, the ace 2 V cameras are suitable for upgrading a Camera Link system, among other things. They also enable fast image data transmission via a single cable solution over long distances to the host system. Multi-camera systems that require precise synchronization and real-time capability can also be easily implemented with the new models.

Simple system setup and fast integration

To build a complete vision system, Basler customers can choose from a broad CoaXPress 2.0 portfolio with CXP-12 interface cards, LED lighting, C-mount lenses, and cables. The proven pylon Software is used for quick and easy plug-and-play integration of all components. Image processing functions can be created and integrated in a short time using the pylon vTools.

“With the ace 2 V, our customers receive a compact, high-performance camera as the centerpiece of a complete CoaXPress 2.0 vision system. Combining all of our CXP components ensures smooth operation with reduced development time and lower overall system costs. The low integration effort shortens the time-to-market,” explains Thomas Karow, Product Market Manager at Basler.,

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