Aaronia Presents Real-Time Spectrum Analysers at EMC Shanghai

by | Aug 3, 2023

From August 09-11, Aaronia AG will present its latest groundbreaking solutions and products in spectrum analysis and EMC measurements at EMC Shanghai 2023.

With a realtime bandwidth of up to 110 GHz, the SPECTRAN® V6 Explorer is the new reference in terms of speed. The SPECTRAN® V6 ECO extends the portfolio with high-end power even for smaller budgets. The German market leader for USB real-time spectrum analyzers will present its state-of-the-art solutions for various applications at booth 608 at the Shanghai World Expo Convention & Exhibition Center.

For example, the SPECTRAN® V6 ECO already offers a real-time bandwidth (RTBW) of 44MHz and an extended frequency range of 9kHz to 6GHz in the basic version. Nevertheless, the SPECTRAN® V6 ECO including RTSA-Suite PRO is already available in the basic version for less than 1,500 Euro – a revolution in the real-time spectrum analyzer market. Alternatively, the device can be ordered with an integrated signal generator or as a dual RX variant.

This closes the gap between low-cost but low-power SDRs and expensive, fast high-end analyzers. With its two independent inputs, the SPECTRAN® V6 ECO offers 2 x 44MHz RTBW on the one hand. On the other hand, it achieves up to 3THz/s sweep speed with the unique, patented high speed tictoc LO function – unique worldwide.


In the dual RX version, the SPECTRAN® V6 ECO offers 2 x 44MHz RTBW due to the two independent inputs.

The SPECTRAN® V6 Explorer sets a new record with measurements up to 110GHz and still offers the advantages of a low-cost USB device.

“We are pleased to present the SPECTRAN® V6 Explorer and the SPECTRAN® V6 ECO in Shanghai, two further devices of the SPECTRAN® V6 family that set new standards and are optimally tailored to the needs of our customers,” says Thorsten Chmielus, Managing Director of Aaronia AG. “Our USB real-time spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN® V6 series are the result of continuous development work.

“They meet the constantly growing demands on modern equipment and take into account the increasing complexity of signals,” Chmielus continues. “For us at AARONIA, the future of measurement technology lies in flexible, modular solutions for every application, such as those we offer to meet the needs of our customers.”

In addition, Aaronia has the SPECTRAN® V6 5G in the bag especially for measurements in the mobile radio environment. The device also supports the WiGig 45 GHz (802.11aj) and 60 GHz (802.11ad/aj/ay) profiles, which are now included in the latest version of RTSA Suite PRO.

Special solutions

Based on the SPECTRAN® V6 USB real-time spectrum analyzers, various integrated solutions are available depending on the application. For example, the V6 MIL is an extremely robust outdoor measurement device in combination with a laptop. With this solution, all tasks occurring in the field – from measurement and recording to data export and report preparation with common PC software – can be performed with just one device.


The new SPECTRAN® V6 MIL consists of an entry-level real-time spectrum analyzer built into a powerful and extremely shock-resistant outdoor laptop.

Different designs of Remote Spectrum Analysers (RSA) allow mounting in 19″ cabinets or per IP67- certified outdoor housing. For example, they are just as suitable for 24/7 spectrum monitoring as for any type of measurement application at critical locations.

Analysis software included in the scope of delivery

Included with the SPECTRAN® V6 series products is the powerful RTSA Suite PRO for signal recording and data analysis. Among other things, the software offers the simultaneous display of multiple signal visualizations including recording and playback of the full IQ bandwidth. A large number of central functions are already included in the free basic version. These include various 2D and 3D views, IQ processing, triggers, AM/FM decoders, filereader, filewriter, remote http or scripts. “The RTSA Suite PRO offers analysis possibilities that cannot be compared with any other solution,” says Thorsten Chmielus. “It is not only the flexibility and easy handling of the software due to its modular structure that is impressive, but also the manifold display and analysis options. Another unique feature is the ability to record IQ data in real time. And all this already on standard PCs.”

The enormous real-time bandwidth of up to 245MHz

The enormous real-time bandwidth of up to 245MHz, as well as the high sweep speed of the SPECTRAN® V6 enable EMC measurements in real-time

Visit them at EMC Shanghai 2023 at the Shanghai World Expo Convention & Exhibition Center at their booth 608 and experience the revolution of real-time spectrum analysis with the SPECTRAN® V6 series and matching accessories.

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