Aaronia Impresses with SPECTRAN Analysers at EMC Shanghai

by | Aug 25, 2023

At EMC Shanghai 2023, Aaronia AG displayed its USB realtime spectrum analysers from August 9-11. The solutions impressed more than 5,000 trade visitors. The spectrum analysers of the SPECTRAN® series are well received worldwide.

Even the basic version of Aaronia’s SPECTRAN analysers offer a real-time bandwidth (RTBW) of 44MHz and an extended frequency range from 9kHz to 6GHz. And that includes the RTSA Suite PRO for data analysis, signal and IQ data recording in real time at an entry-level price of 1,500 euros. Depending on the extension level, the V6 ECO even achieves a sweep speed of up to 3THz/s.

Aaronia showed where the journey is heading with two brand new models. With a frequency range up to 110GHz (depending on the model), the SPECTRAN® V6 XPLORER is the new player in the high frequency range. As a cost-effective development platform, it opens up completely new application areas due to its performance. For measurements in the mobile radio environment, the SPECTRAN® V6 5G was convincing.

The device also supports the new 5G bands above 24GHz such as WiGig 45 GHz (802.11aj). The profiles are now included in the latest version of RTSA Suite PRO.

For Thorsten Chmielus, Managing Director of Aaronia AG, EMC Shanghai 2023 was a complete success. He said:

“With our USB real-time spectrum analyzers, we were able to set new benchmarks here in China as well. The trade visitors were enthusiastic about the performance of our SPECTRAN series. Especially the flexibility of the solutions in combination with our analysis software RTSA-Suite PRO amazed the visitors again and again. We see the future of measurement technology in compact, modular solutions for every application.”

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