Welcome to the first edition of the all-new MVPro magazine series. After adapting to Automate Pro Europe last year to ensure we broadened our coverage during turbulent times, we at MVPro have returned to our roots, to bring you the biggest stories in machine vision and image processing.

Speaking of firsts, this is also the start of my journey with MVPro Magazine. I have already spoken to many of you via email, but to those who are perhaps still unfamiliar, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt Williams, and I joined MVPro Media as a writer back in July 2022. I have already published many press releases on our website, so please feel free to send any content you’d like to see published over to matt.williams@mvpromedia.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Anyway, let’s get back to the content of this magazine. Starting with our featured interview, I speak with Laith Marmash, Global Channel Strategy Lead and Machine Vision Specialist at Zebra Technologies. With more than two decades in the industry, Laith shares his extensive knowledge of machine vision and discusses Zebra’s recent acquisition of Matrox Imaging.

Meanwhile, robotics is constantly evolving. Victor Mayoral-Vilches, former systems architect at Xilinx, AMD Consultant and Founder of Acceleration Robotics, shares his insight on adaptive computing, and how it can increase robot efficiency.

As 5G connection increases its demands, Rohde & Schwarz introduces a comprehensive set of test solutions to expand into new applications and improve the service on existing devices.

The automotive production industry looks set for major changes after the EU confirmed that combustion engines will be scrapped. Surplex explains what this means for the future of the industry and suggests ways the equipment can be reused.

We also have some exciting news on a range of new imaging technology. Ferdinand Reitze, Product Manager at FRAMOS gives a detailed run-down of the new FRAMOS D400e Series. LMI’s new Gocator 5500 series looks set to take automated vision inspection to the next level. Teledyne FLIR unveils its new infrared camera, designed for integrated solutions.

That merely scratches the surface of what’s in this jam-packed MVPro Magazine. We also have stories on artificial intelligence, new products for vision applications, the latest innovations in gas detection solutions, and more!

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for our special Vision Issue, focusing on the much-anticipated Vision show in Stuttgart in October. We look forward to meeting you there.

Matt Williams

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